e-book: its approaching…

As I prophesied in my blog post almost two years ago…this french video by editis is almost materializing the revolutionary concept of e-book and access to online content.

There has been a tremendous development in this area since my last post. Transparent OLED Displays, Flexible LCDs and 4-Bit color depth in powerless e-paper is all heading towards what is envisioned in this video.

Reader from Sony and nuutbook from Korea also show us some glimpse from the future.

Here are some shots from the video.

Its a fascinating video to watch, but the online player’s size proportion is not according to the video size, so I suggest downloading the video (77.6 MB) with some web grabbing  tool like UnPlug…for better quality.

Here’s the link to the video.


// ch3ckmat3

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