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  • I Hate Regex
    A useful website to find regex patterns and understand how it really works.
  • How to Decode SD Card Speed Logos
    Here’s a cheat sheet on how to decode SD Card speed logos when shopping for SD Cards: Hope this will help when you are buying your next SD Card. Cheers, // Sohail
  • A Simple Log Helper for Python
    Just wanted to share this simple log helper method I came up with after some research, which can help you quickly setup Python logging and focus on your main app logic instead of dangling around in logging documentation. The method is very simple, takes a filename and two other optional arguments, and returns ‘logging’ object, and you can start logging … Continue reading A Simple Log Helper for Python
  • Hi, how R you? I’m Python, Thanks. – R vs Python for Data Science
    The debate is futile because every computer language has a reason to exist, otherwise *anything* can be achieved in C Language, on *any* OS… trust me! We all have seen this debate of dotNet vs JAVA, until the emergence of Mobile Apps era, and now those debaters are busy doing apps for mobile platforms, in JAVA, and all sorts of … Continue reading Hi, how R you? I’m Python, Thanks. – R vs Python for Data Science
  • Big Data Quote
    “If data is the new oil, then legacy systems are the dinosaurs we need to discover for fossil-fuel of historical data and combine it with real-time data, to transform future business values.” ~ Sohail Iqbal (3-May-2015)
  • Free VMware vSphere Tools
    While looking for a backup solution for my VMware environment, I stumbled upon a very nice article by Kendrick Coleman on his blog on a top 10 list of carefully selected tools for managing your VMware vSphere deployments, and the best thing is that they are all free!! Kendrick had also done video demos for these tools so you can … Continue reading Free VMware vSphere Tools
  • Yet Another Technology Quote
    “Love is in the cloud.”
  • Another Technology Quote
    "If user is the King, then usability is the Queen."