Scott Guthrie on Silverlight 2

SilverlightScott Guthrie of Microsoft enlightens us on upcoming and highly anticipated Beta 1 of Silverlight 2. Link to his blog post here.

For those who don’t know about Silverlight, here it is… in a nutshell:

Silverlight is a (cross)browser plug-in, just like Adobe Flash Player… with a rich set of UI controls and application programming framework, just like Adobe Flex. It uses a declarative language (XAML) for UI definitions and JavaScript + .Net Framework languages for programming logic… just like Adobe’s MXML and ActionScript. Microsoft also has a rich tool-set for developing Silverlight applications (MS Expression and VS 2008)… just like Adobe Flash designer tool and Adobe Flex IDE.

Well… Silverlight is certainly much more than that… just like Adobe Flash is… but I suppose that a comparative approach would make it easier to understand for almost everyone.

Scott’s post is quiet comprehensive for everything else you need to know about Silverlight.

happy lightening

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UI Design Patterns for Effective Applications

Just found a cool resource on Web 2.0 user interface design practices:


I  must say that this folk Anders Toxboe has done a great job by bringing many cool best practices of modern UI design in one place. And as he says, this is not the first site for this kind of effort, Yahoo Developer Network  and also has rich collections if UI design patterns as well.

I think these are good reads for software architects, information architects, usability engineers and certainly for web designers and SQA pros of today for building effective business applications of tomorrow.

Visit now:


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A Cool Web 2.0 Directory

Just happened to know a cool Web 2.0 directory

The site is probably done in Flex. Checkout the cool glossy UI, and sleek Web 2.0 design.

They have got a huge list of Web 2.0 applications, and you can subscribe to their RSS to keep an eye on the new listings.

More Web 2.0 Directory / News / Blog links:

Please share if you have any good links to Web 2.0 Directories.

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