SQL Prompt 3: Now spoiling the DBAs…

Reg Gate has finally released SQL Prompt 3, the first full and a far better version than its free predecessors. The team claims that the core has been completely rewritten and that they put it on thorough testing for almost six months.

Well, the effort seem worthwhile, as myself and my team of developers have been using version 2.0 and found it too bulky for memory and sticky at cursor and some of us finally dropped it, coz at times it was more of trouble than pleasure. Let me quote from their mail promo:

“Whether you’re still using SQL Prompt 2 or you uninstalled it in frustration I’d like you to know that SQL Prompt 3 is a different experience altogether.”

See? 🙂

Now the new version seem really cool in look and feel… and works smarter than ever! For a spoiled person like myself, who will look for “IntelliSense” even to code a batch file of three lines, this tool is a real gift!

Its core new feature is that its RAEL REAL FAST, and depends on its own intelligence to get the metadata from the DB whenever u connect to database server.

Other new features include:

  • “Expand wild-cards” tab option
  • rapid tick-box column picker
  • code completion for:
    * table, view and column names
    * stored procedure names
    * USE
  • auto-uppercasing of keywords
  • configurable auto-popup after keywords
  • personalized snippet list

SQL Prompt 3 Features – Image Source: www.red-gate.com

Wanna feel it? Download it right here:

I recommend to give it a try… that is… get spoiled, when offered 🙂


// ch3ckmat3 

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