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Tough day at Orison, as we launched our first commercially available product online – FriendlyGhost, The Ultimate Debugger for Macromedia Flash Platform and AJAX Innovations. See our Official Press Release and visit product website for more information.

We at Orison, have mostly been involved in developing customized software solutions and IT service provision for our local and foreign clients, so our software team is pretty excited about launching this product.

FriendlyGhostFriendlyGhost is a portable and unified debugger for Flash, FlashLite as well as for JavaScript based AJAX Innovations. For Flash and AJAX applications, it has a client-server model, where you include a component in your applications, and send on-demand debug messages to FriendlyGhost server to analyze events and data of your applications in real-time.

For FlashLite, it’s a go debugger, where you can include and integrate the whole debugger in your FlashLite application as a library with its interface and debug-engine, and take it on the road while you run and test your applications. Find out more on FriendlyGhost Lite and don’t forget to checkout screenshots at Flickr.

Like other technology enthusiasts, I have been playing around with AJAX and its various toolkits since it became popular. This technology has been on the internet with different applications, and with different names, and finally recognized as standard framework and got tokenized by the term “AJAX” by Jesse James Garrett of Adaptive Path (See his article on AJAX). AJAX surely is an interesting and tricky way to do rich internet applications, and this is reason we call AJAX based applications “AJAX Innovations”.

One thing which has been of real pain in developing AJAX applications is that there is no standard toolset available to debug AJAX applications in real-time, as it is asynchronous by nature, debugging AJAX applications is not really easy. When we were nearly done with our first product FriendlyGhost, which initially aimed at Flash and FlashLite debugging, we decided to add AJAX support to it.

Thanks to Macromedia Flash Player 8’s External Interface API which we successfully exploited to achieve real-time debug messages to FriendlyGhost console right out of our AJAX test application. We finally came up with an easy to integrate AJAX Toolkit for AJAX developers which they can use with their applications by adding just two lines of code! Checkout more on FriendlyGhost AJAX Toolkit on our website FriendlyGhost for AJAX Development.

Happy surfing.

// ch3ckmat3

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